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positive response except J K & Co. Mr. Joseph gave me positive response with positive hope. I decided to go further with my case and today I am getting my visa all because of his positive response and hard work.


During all these process Mr. Joseph was responding to me every step and my questions via phone, email and letters which I was appreciating him on every step.

I am highly recommending J K % Co (Mr. Joseph) for any immigration matter.

It is my pleasure to give any positive response regardings.


Anonymous, London 07 April 2015

I am a beneficiary of J K & Co Legal Consult. I was well informed and given an up to date advice on all matters relating to the UK immigration laws and services. J K & Co took time to peruse all the necessary documents I submitted, ensured that they were the appropriate ones and had them sorted out. There were no communication breakdown as I was kept abreast on all progress made. Furthermore, I was given assurance that I should keep my fingers crossed while I wait in great anticipation. To God be the glory, I got my Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK within the stipulated time frame given. Last word: J K & Co are very professional, trustworthy and above all reliable. A trial will convince you.

Shelley Brown, London 16/05/2015

I used J K & Co Legal Consult to extend my visa. At the time I was very stress because the visa I had before was under a 10 year rule which would have made me wait 10 years before I could apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. The worst part is that I was not allowed to claim recourse to public fund and the fact that I had a child and was in a bad relationship.

The Solicitor advise me about all different options available to me. He was helpful and in the end he applied to the Home Office and asked them to change the ten year rule into a 5 year rule.

I am so delighted that I was able to find this Solicitor because I was granted 30 months visa which also state that after that 30 months I could apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. I never thought that this could have happen after all the other Solicitors I have been to they said I didn’t have a chance.

J K & Co is a very good Solicitor and I would recommend anyone to them because they just don’t take your money, they work hard chasing your application and they give you good genuine advice. Because of this company my life has change and I am now looking forward to apply for my Indefinite Leave to Remain and they will be the onlySolicitor that I would used for this because I know that the result will be positive.

More Testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Mary A. Adetoun, Eastbourne, UK - 21/06/2012

"J K & Co helped me to obtain my settlement and did everything excellently well.  Myself and my husband are very grateful for their services.”


Joseph Fadele, London UK - 01/072012

"An experienced Immigration lawyer with a human heart. Exceptionally good and brilliant. Getting results where others have failed, all at reasonable fee. Highly recommended."




K. Dove, London UK - 26/04/2013

"I used J K & Co to apply for mother to come over from Turkey and the service that I received was exceptionally good. My mom’s application was track by the organisation and each time I would get on email about the outcome.


My mother visa was granted in less than four weeks.  I will recommend anyone who needs any legal help to go to this company as they are very helpful."


Eunice A. London, UK - 17/06/2014

"I used J K & Co to apply for my residence permit and within 3 months my application was granted and I couldn't be happier, thank you very much J K & Co.”


Ricardo, London 08/08/2014
Good to hear from you, I wish you well and Good Bless your new business, whenever l came across to someone who needs a great solicitor you are my number one on my list. Thank you.


James, London, UK - 17/09/2014

"J K & Co is a legal firm I will recommend to everybody because they strive and provide excellent service to clients.


Mr. Joseph has really shown how service from a legal firm are perfectly handled and I am so grateful for the blessing he has brought into my life.”


Oluwatoyin Oluwajoba, London, UK - 08/11/2014

I really really give thanks to Almighty God & to the chamber of J K & Co  Legal Consult for their support towards he success of my Resident Permit in the UK under Lawyer J K Adebola.


Really I wasn’t really surprised because confidently I was told he is capable and can fight it out for me, which he has finally done. So thank you sir, God bless you and your family. More grease to your elbow.  



Its my pleasure to get best immigration team along with Mr. Joseph ... In 2013 when first time I decided to choose a Solicitor for my case me and my partner went to a lot of immigration consultants but no one  gave me

These are few of the Testimonials (unedited) from our satisfied clients. These testimonials are kept on file in our office for verification.

Hugo, London 12/08/2016

I have been with J K & Co for around 5 years and I can say for sure they know what they’re talking about. They were dealing with my case with such professionalism. No doubt I will recommend them to anyone that seek immigration advice. And they are friendly too. Couldn’t be happier since the first day I walk in that office. Thanks again for your hard work.