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In Detention, facing Removal or Deportation from the UK?

Whether you are held in detention under the Immigration Offences Act or facing removal or deportation from the United Kingdom, we are here to help you with Bail Application or stopping your removal or deportation through legal means.

Our Director has both personal and professional experience in this area of Immigration Law Practice and always bring it to bear when dealing with detention, removal or deportation cases.

If you are arrested and detained under the Immigration Offences Act
anywhere in the UK, you have a right to engage the services of a Legal Practitioner to assist you in applying for Bail.

This right is enshrined in the Human Rights  Act 1998 which entitles you to request for permission to speak to a Legal Practitioner.

You can contact us today and request for our legal assistance on our 24 hour hotlines: T-Mobile: 0794 374 9001 / Lyca Mobile: 0752 959 2690

No one likes to have their freedom curtailed or likes the prospect of removal from the environment they are familiar with hanging over their heads.


Therefore incarceration for whatever reason or facing removal/deportation from the UK can be stressful and debilitating in equal measures for those concerned.


Our commitment at J K & Co Legal Consult is to do our utmost best to assist in getting you released if in detention or getting your removal or deportation directions stopped through every legal means possible and assist you through advice and representation in the next phase of getting your immigration status regularised to give you the required peace of mind.


If you find yourself in this unfortunate position or know anyone in this situation, contact us today on:

Tel: 0845 388 5586

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